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Dear Valued Customer,

Welcome to Permata e-Form, opening account electronic form from PermataBank. Thank you for Your trust upon PermataBank. Permata e-Form is available to assist and facilitate You in account opening process.

Please enjoy Permata e-Form.

Terms and Conditions for Account Opening through PT Bank Permata Tbk ("PermataBank") website service hereinafter called the "Service"

  1. Account opening through Permata e-Form is only available for personal accounts.
  2. After completing the account opening application, prospective costumer who has not yet owned an account at PermataBank ("Applicant") is still required to come to PermataBank Branch to continue the account opening process.
  3. Customer who already has an account at PermataBank ("Customer"), must fill out additional account opening application form and the application will be processed based on the existing Customer's data at PermataBank without having to come to the Branch, except for other additional account predetermined by PermataBank, then Customer is required to come to PermataBank Branch.
  4. PermataBank fully reserves the right to not further process the account opening application filed by Applicant/Customer without being obliged to express the reasons.
  5. Applicant/Customer hereby agrees that account opening will be effective only after all requirements are met by Applicant/Customer and Applicant's account opening application or Customer's additional account opening application has been approved by PermataBank.
  6. If the account opening application is approved, the Applicant/Customer shall perform initial deposit in the amount of which is listed on the Regular Product Info or Sharia Product Info within 31 (thirty one) calendar days after the date of account opening through the Service. In terms of the lapse of period specified above, the Bank has the right to close the account.
  7. Applicant/Customer understands and comprehends that opening an account through Permata e-Form is exposed to the risks of activities via the internet namely viruses, hacking, phishing and other risks beyond the control and responsibility of the Bank, whether through negligence or other matters beyond the control of Applicant/Customer.
  8. Applicant/Customer shall ensure that the computer and other electronic devices belonging to the Applicant/Customer used to access this service are regularly maintained and free from viruses and/or any software potentially causing disturbance to the Applicant's/Customer's computer system and PermataBank's computer system.

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